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2010 Omniture Summit – Interview with Josh James

Sorry for the delay in posting this interview with Josh. Learning to edit audio, video and add in some annotation proved more cumbersome than I imagined. Isn’t it always the first time you do something like this. 😉 Hope you enjoy it!

The Interview with Josh James – full version in M4V format (21m 58s)

Who is Josh James?

Adobe Profile Forbes Interview Inc. Interview

Thanks to those who made the interview possible Thanks to Nicole Young, Josh James’ executive assistant, for fitting the time into Josh’s schedule. Thanks to Gail Ennis, Sr. VP of Marketing for Omniture, for thinking I was worth Josh’s time, and putting in a good word for me. 😉 Thanks to Mark Boothe and Andrew Watson for coordinating the schedules! Lastly, thanks to Ben Child for ripping the audio and bumping up the volume! Next time I’ll use better equipment!

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