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money. business. leadership. life.

Tony Bradshaw is the author of The Millionaire Choice: Millionaire or Not. You Can Choose. and host of The Millionaire Choice Show: Make The Choice. Create Your Plan. Tony has founded several other brands in the personal finance and business space including the Purpose of Wealth Live Events, the Nashville based Financial Speakers Group, the Higher Peak Mastermind, and AcuteMINDS Digital Agency.

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With 27 years experience in business, leadership, and investing, Tony can provide insight on a number of topics. 25 years of marriage and six kids ranging from 11 to 23, he's learned how to succeed professionally and at home...although with some scars from both.


Located in Nashville, TN, and the central time zone. Tony is available for remote interviews via high-speed internet. Studio is equipped with a 4K camera, lighting, dynamic studio microphone, and wired and wireless headsets.

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