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Can you change someone's life in just a moment of time? I believe you can. Live events offer a unique opportunity, a moment in time, to create the energy and excitement needed for a life transforming experience. By creating events and delivering talks that inspire, inform, and empower, we can help people and families to reshape their futures.

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Friday, October 14, 2022

Capitol Theatre, Lebanon, TN

Purpose of Wealth
Live Event

Life. Money. Faith.
How It All Comes Together.

The Purpose of Wealth Event isn't just about money. It's about your life and heart and how they relate to your money.


Our goal is to help you develop a healthy mindset related to money and wealth, equip you with the knowledge to manage your money better, multiply your money to build wealth, and create a vision for your life and financial future.

Purpose of Wealth LIVE Events feature four premiere speakers at each event with expertise in business, leadership, personal finance, and investing. The event concludes with a wrap-up panel with each speaker to answer questions the audience has expressed throughout the day.

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With 25 years in business, leadership, and personal finance, Tony has been solving the problems that all of us face on our path to personal and professional success. Tony has served as VP, CIO, and COO leading digital business and corporate strategy. Married for over 23 years with six children, he brings a unique perspective on balancing success at home and in the workplace. 

Tony has been speaking in the corporate setting for 15 years on the topics of personal and professional development, team leadership and development, strategic planning, and personal finance. 

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