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Zappos – A Company Culture to Aspire to

A few months ago I ran across some online write ups of Zappos and their company culture. Lots of positive things floating around the net about them. After talking with our HR director, we discovered that Zappos Culture is in fact so phenomenal that they’ve turned their “mojo” into a product line not unlike our EntreLeadership Business product (see

Rick Perry, our HR director, reached out to the Zappos team and found a kindred spirit is heading up their Zappos Insights site.We’re considering going out to one of their tours, but in the meantime, Zappos sends out a free “culture book”. I signed up yesterday and am looking forward to getting it in the next few days. Zappos Culture Book

I recently started reaching out to C-Levels in the Nashville area for personal growth and mentoring opportunities. I had to chuckle a bit when Jay Clarke, CEO of, whom I met with just 2 weeks ago showed up in the Zappos Culture video I saw today. Zappos has put together a pretty solid product, and they appear to be doing well with it. Check it out at Zappos Insights

Zappos Insights

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