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Updated: Jan 30, 2023

Building a Life of Financial Freedom with Tony Bradshaw

Some people believe 'where you start is where you have to end.' Subconsciously, this belief is also the reason why some individuals struggle to escape below-average means or their nine-to-five. In this episode of Wealth Science Podcast, Tony Bradshaw talks about his blueprint to becoming a millionaire, the most common misconceptions about wealth, his take on parenting, and his views on how the world could better attack global issues.

Outline of the episode:

1. Tony Bradshaw on growing up in a low-income family

2. The three misconceptions about wealth

3. Why it's critical to get money smart

4. It's essential to teach your kids about money at an early age

5. People can predict when they'll become millionaires by planning

Catch up with Tony Bradshaw:

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