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Omniture Summit – Presentation Update

It’s confirmed. At the 2010 Omniture Summit, we’ll be co-hosting a session with Brent Dykes, Director of an Omniture Consultants group.  Brent has some great experience, and we look forward to presenting with him. Brent also has a nice site on building presentations at It should be a fun time, and we both expect a lot of work will be put into the presentation. We’ll be trying to do this session up right!

This year Omniture is doing a few things differently by having their team blog 1-2x per week prior to the Summit. If you are planning to attend the Summit, make sure you  visit the Summit Site frequently to take advantage of all the pre-summit resources.

For more information on the session, go here.

Omniture Summit 2010

Omniture Summit 2010

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