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Omniture Press Release featuring

I was excited to see that some hard work finally paid off. It was 2 years ago that we decided to use Omniture as our web analytics provider. By July 2007, we had completed our implementation and had started leveraging analytics to improve our website. We’ve been very pleased with Omniture’s tools and have seen some very good results.

One of the challenges and goals our web team has set is to become influencers of the web and internet technology. While we are relatively small business at 260 employees with 55 web staff members, we have been able to make some headway into getting noticed by other web professionals and businesses.

Some of the highlights for 2008 included

  1. Mapquest mapping technology. One of the first companies to leverage their new API toolset (visit post on Post 1 Post 2

  2. Automated streaming and podcast posting system. Streaming archives are live on our site 15 minutes within of The Dave Ramsey Show ending. Podcasts are available within 1 hour. The entire system is automated which includes cutting out the commercials.

  3. Unique usage of Omniture marketing tools for geo-targeting. We implemented what we call geo-exclusion marketing to present relevant ads to state specific markets.

In 2008, we were able to step up our involvement with Omniture by conducting an interview with John Broady which he later posted on his blog. This interview covered our implementation and results of leveragin Omniture’s Test and Target marketing tool. In February 2009, I was invited to the Omniture Summit MindMeld. The MindMeld was a great opportunity to network with some of the industries leaders like Sony, Orbitz, Time Warner, Comcast, and a few others.

As a continuation of our Omniture efforts, Omniture put out a press release today which was picked up by Yahoo. View the press release.

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