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Omniture Launches

While I was at the Omniture Summit back in February, their executive team announced the upcoming CMO site. Omniture finally launched the site,, on August 27th. If you are into marketing or shoulder any of the business responsibility for your organization, Omniture’s CMO site is something you should spend some time checking out.

The site is designed in Omniture green, but other than that, Omniture has done a very admirable job not saturating the website their marketing. Just another example of Omniture’s classy approach and drive to deliver excellent products. I poked around the site just a little tonight to see if I could find some interesting features to mention.

Today, a new breed of marketing executive is emerging to transform companies, overcome historically complex marketing challenges, and realize the array of new opportunities our increasingly digital world offers.

These new executives are Digital CMOs.  These are CMOs who have learned to leverage the power of data to understand and segment their customers.  They harness the power of digital media to drive precision marketing and customer engagement.  Finally, they utilize technology to measure how well their programs perform against key business objectives.  In short, these CMOs use digital marketing to deliver. (cont’d at

CMO Interviews Robert Turtledove – For Robert Turtledove, H&R Block’s recently appointed chief marketing officer, it’s tax time year-round. “The wiser you spend, the more bang you get for your buck,” he says in this interview with AdWeek.

CMO Surveys Teens and Mobile Phones Over the Past Five Years: Pew Internet Looks Back Publication: Pew Internet and America Life Project Teens have previously lagged behind adults in their ownership of cell phones, but several years of survey data collected by Pew Internet show that those ages 12-17 are closing the gap.

Insight Section An insight section has also been included that covers just about every topic of marketing you can imagine. The insight categories have been nicely broken down for easy scanning and focus: Online Media, Traditional Media, Emerging Media, Tools, Branding and Communications, Lifecycle Marketing, Market Research, Analysis and Measurement, Strategic Planning and General Management.

After a quick look around, seems to be off to a good start. I look forward to seeing how this new venture for Omniture plays out.

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