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First 90 Days on the Job

My monthly goal is to post to my blog 2-3 times per month, so I’m breaking my rule by posting again today. However, I love using, and I read something today that might be valuable to you. If you aren’t familiar with, it is a community of professionals from all types of fields.

The basics: 1) Create your profile…similar to a resume with some additional information, 2) join a group that interests you. I belong to several groups, 3) get daily or weekly digests emailed to you with the groups discussion topics. While reading one of my emails from the CIO group today, the question was asked, “Does anyone have a 90 day new job framework?” The answers varied, but generally provided good information some of which I’ve provided below.

Many times employees are hired and unfortunately their new leaders throw them in a cube, spend a few minutes with them and expect results. How utterly worthless is that?! It’s very unhealthy for the future of the organization not to mention very frustrating for new employees.

A few years ago, I had our leadership team start putting together 90 day and 180 plans for their new hires. This was to ensure that our new team members were able to produce results quickly, learn the things they need, have some vision for their future, and get some quick wins. This program has had success, but as with any program, it has to be executed.

Quick overview of a 90 and 180 plan

90 Day (varies depending on position or skill level)

  1. Week 1 – Orientation, team docs review, team meetings, daily checkups

  2. Week 2 – Continued systems training, introductory joint team project

  3. Week 3 – Continued systems training, introductory solo project

  4. Week 4 – Continued systems training, mixed projects

  5. Week 5-11 – More team involvement. More advanced projects. Begin projects with more significant ROI.

180 Day

  1. Advanced projects with deliverable timelines and expected ROI

  2. Measureable goals with assessed project value

A couple of books were mentioned in the CIO group today. I’ll probably pick these titles up at some point.

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