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power up coaching

90 DAy program to help you 
Transform your mind, your life, 
and your future.

new groups starting monthly  

craft a vision and create a plan 
for your life, money, and future.

re-imagine your future

get started today!



only 12 spots left!
Limited Time!

2024 power up

Vision + Plan + Coaching

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to accomplish so much while others are trapped in the same cycles for years or even their entire lives?

The answer is pretty simple.

No vision. No Plan. No Mentor.


I've always been a visionary, but over the years, I've noticed that many of my friends, co-workers, peers, and society often become entangled by their daily routines. They can't create a vision apart from their daily routines.

What is a vision? A vision is a clear and inspiring picture of the future, providing precise direction and purpose. It helps you to focus your time and energy towards goals that support the vision.

You need a vision for your life and future to reach your highest peak. Everyone does.

As part of your 2024 POWER-UP, I'll work with you to review 2023 to see what went well for you. Then, we'll closely examine your life, money, career, hopes, and dreams to help shape your vision for 2024 and beyond.


Having a vision is not enough. You need a plan.
A plan gives you the next steps to help you move forward and accomplish your vision. A plan gives you another level of clarity on what to do to move your life forward. Without it, you'll get stuck in the mud, working hard but going nowhere fast.

My goal is to help you get "UNSTUCK", create a vision for your life, money, and career, and then back it up with a plan to help you progress. You need a short-term plan (1 year) and a longer-term one (3+ years). But keep in mind there are no perfect plans. Plans are guide maps to help you get to your destination. Along the way, you'll hit some roadblocks and detours. When you do, adjust the plan.


On my journey to reshape my life and future, I learned the importance of having a mentor. After high school and college, most people never find another teacher or mentor in their lifetime. They can not see beyond the daily grind of life.
A mentor helps you on your path toward your vision and helps keep you accountable for your plan.
As your coach, we'll look at your life, money, career, and even your family, joy, and the fulfillment you get out of life. You only have one life, let's get the most out of it...while smiling.


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mindset makeover

Break free from your programming. Free your mind and embrace new possibilities for your life, family, and future.

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vision and plan

We'll spend 2 hours making plans for 2024 and beyond. During this time, we'll help you craft a vision, goals, and a plan for your future. It's essential to maximize your time and resources.

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3 Months Group coaching

You'll get access to weekly Group Coaching via Zoom. In the group, we'll cover various life and money topics to help you reach higher levels of fulfillment and accomplishment. Group coaching helps to build your energy and connectivity and encourages you on your journey.

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3 Months 1on1 coaching

We'll do 1 hour a month of 1on1 coaching to help you build and keep up your life transformation momentum. During this time, we'll do a check-in and make course corrections for your year.

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Online courses

You'll get access to the Mission and Vision Builder Course, the Personal Growth Course, and the Basics of Money Course. (Available in January)

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monthly webinar

 We'll have a monthly 1 hr webinar including topics like money, investing, health, time management, and more, with the occasional expert guest.


the millionaire Choice

Get a signed copy of The Millionaire Choice: Millionaire or Not. You Can Choose. Sharing Tony's principles on life and money.

Money Grows on Trees

Money Grows on Trees by Jerremy Newsome, one of Tony's trusted friends and mentor, will catapult you past your fears, hurdles, mental stumbling blocks, and subconscious beliefs that have kept financial success beyond your reach.

thriving in love & money

Thriving in Love and Money by Shaunti Feldhahn is a book about how couples can work together to figure out their money and unite to eliminate the money fights so common in relationships.

90% OFF

i'm Your coach

beat the Money struggles
I grew up in a family that struggled with money. My dad came from a broken home and dropped out of school in 10th grade to support himself. My mom, the youngest of five children, grew up in a single-mother household. No wonder they struggled with money to pay bills and bounce checks, and the water and power turned off. It was normal. Or so I thought.

At 25, I found myself repeating the family cycle. $39,000 income. $16,000 in debt. All in one year. Fortunately for me, I woke up. I had what I call a financial awakening and chose to change. I made the millionaire choice. My choice to become a millionaire.
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my vision. my plan.
My vision was simple. Become a millionaire by age 40 and live a better life. But first, I needed a plan, a millionaire plan. Without a plan, you go nowhere. My plan was simple.

Step 1: Get money smart. It was obvious I didn't know how money worked. I learned that if you want to be good with money, you have to study money. Like studying math, English, and science in school, you must study money to master them.

Step 2: Get out of debt. Debt was a problem for me, and I wanted out of debt as fast as possible. I was debt-free within 18 months. I learned that debt can destroy your life and your potential to build wealth if not managed well. Managed well, debt can be a tool.

Step 3: Multiply Money. I started investing and multiplying my money. I learned that if you want to build wealth, you have to learn how to multiply money and take action. You get started. You learn. You improve.

Step 4: Expand My Potential. I developed a personal growth mindset to become 1% better every day. I built new connections with people who helped improve my potential.

The Most Important Step: Seek and Trust God. God has been a vital part of my life since I was nine years old. I've experienced several near-death experiences over my lifetime. I've seen my income go from $39k to over 7 figures. I've seen God's hand continually in my life through my family, my work, my health, my struggles, and my failures. He is faithful.
reaching the higher peak
My journey led me from a family that struggled with finances, unpaid bills, rotten floors in the house, and iced windows in the winter to gaining a degree in mechanical engineering, switching to a career in technology, becoming a top leader in a corporate gig making over 7 figures, and millionaire with a thriving family of six kids. 

I've learned the path may differ for everyone, but the process is the same. And it's repeatable. Anyone can do it. You need to understand the process and apply it in a way that works for you—a good vision and plan followed by the right actions and coach to help you reach your goals.
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25+ years leadership
25+ years in money
25+ Years married
23+ Years parenting 6 kids
Life ain't easy, But it can be awesome.

I believe...

My goal is to help you break free from your limiting beliefs and help you formulate new ideas to unleash your full potential. Fortunately, my parents instilled several positive beliefs in me as a child, but their limited mindset locked them in their inability to envision a different future. I had to develop a new personal belief system that could carry me to greater heights. Here are just a few of my beliefs that help me push forward into new territory.

I believe almost anyone can become a millionaire,
regardless of their situation, age, or ethnicity.

I believe time is your most valuable asset.
How you spend your time determines your level of success.

I believe if you work 100,000 to 150,000 hours in your lifetime,
you should have something to show for it.
What impact will you leave behind on this world?

I believe in giving your work and money a purpose.
Why do you work? Why do you make money?

I believe everyone needs a vision, plan, and mentor
to empower us to reach our FULL POTENTIAL.


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What you will experience

the program

2023 Review

2024+ Strategic Planning

Weekly Virtual Group Coaching (3 Months)

Monthly 1on1 Coaching (3 Months)

Monthly Skills Webinar w/ Special Guest

Vision Builder Online Course

Basics of Money Online Course

Personal Growth Online Course

Book: The Millionaire Choice

Book: Money Grows on Trees

Book: Thriving in Love and Money

the results

Reshape Your Mindset
Build Your Empowering Belief System
Create a Vision for Your Future
Set 1 yr, 3-5 yr, and Long Term Goals
Adopt a Lifestyle of 1% Better Every Day
Begin Mastering Money
Design a Wealth Creation Spending Plan
Explore Investing and Multiplying Money
Build Your Millionaire Plan
Give Your Money a Purpose
A Plan to Empower You in 2024 and Beyond

Discover the untapped potential within yourself as Tony guides you through powerful strategies to redefine success in your personal and professional life.
This isn't just coaching;
it's a journey to unleash your full potential.

empower yourself in 2024 to
live life more intentionally

Life is a journey of ups and downs, good times and not-so-good times. We can't control where we start in life, but we can control where we end up. The choices we make lead us to our results. Without a vision and plan, we drift along without a clear direction. With a vision and plan, we move forward intentionally toward our goals.


Make a choice and create a plan. And whatever you do, live life the way God intended in every area of your life. Fully.

Life is better
with a plan!

only 12 Spots left! 
Limited Time!



2023 review + 2024+ plan + 3 Months Coaching

this is the beginning of
your total life transformation


What Clients Say

"My wife and I really enjoyed working with Tony on our money and business. Tony really cares about us, and it shows. He's constantly thinking about us and reaching out to us. We've been improving in so many areas. Our marriage has been improving. Our communication has been improving. Our finances have been improving, and our parenting. Our net worth is higher. Tony helped us to realize our potential and how we think about our future."
Billy and Melissa Hofacker
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