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EP 64: Renewable Energy Investing, Michael Silvestrini, Energea

On this episode of The Millionaire Choice, Tony explores renewable energy investments with Michael Silvestrini, Co-Founding Partner in Energea.

Mike Silvestrini is a co-founder and managing partner at Energea, a renewable energy retail investment platform. Since launching the company’s first solar energy offering in August, 2020, Energea has raised more than $65 million to invest in its Africa, Brazil and the U.S. portfolios. To date, retail investors have realized a 12.27% IRR.

Prior to Energea, Mike was co-founder and CEO of one of the largest commercial and industrial solar firms in the U.S. He managed multiple renewable energy funds worth more than $500 million in aggregate and oversaw the development of more than 400 renewable energy projects. He and his partners sold Greenskies Renewable Energy in 2017.

He served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Mali, West Africa and serves as a board member of the Big Life Foundation, a wildlife conservation non- profit based in Kenya.

Learn more about Michael Silvestrini and Energea Renewable Energy Investments at

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