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Attracting Quality Team Members for Your Company

One of the toughest problems all companies face is hiring quality people. Without quality people, your company is headed down the tubes. I’ll never understand why some companies end up taking the “most affordable worker approach”. I’d simply go insane attempting what we do every day if we didn’t have our high caliber team. We’re always looking for the best people we can find, and there are at least a few companies that take the same approach.

We’re in the midst of revamping our recruiting approach at We hire quality people, but there simply aren’t enough applying. One thing we’ve put on the table is improving our presence online by dressing up our hiring portal and publicizing how awesome our culture is. It’s been worthwhile taking a look at a few companies that are doing a great job getting the word out on their company culture.




SAS, Zappos and Netflix have all done good jobs with their job portals. I’m sure they’re all great companies with great cultures. I may be biased, but I think ours is better. 😉 Check out to find the most satisfying work of your life.

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