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What a dynamic weekend…

This weekend may just be the best Labor Day Holiday I’ve had. Plenty of time with the kids, celebrated my wife’s 39th birthday, and I accomplished a lot of work around the house.

I’ve been working to step my game as a daddy for the last few years. I think a lot of people underestimate how challenging it can be a man. Balancing work, family and a personal life is very challenging. Since moving into our new house, I’ve found myself with another 1 hour per day of my life back as well as living a lot closer to the shopping and dining places we frequent. In all, I may have recovered 10 hours per week in travel time. This extra 10 hours has energized me allowing me to give more of that time back to the family.

This past Saturday morning, the boys and I took a field trip to Lowe’s where I had planned to enjoy a father / sons kids project. Lowe’s conducts kids projects 2 times per month. Unfortunately, I had confused my dates, so we quickly headed down to Home Depot where I was pleased to find a mass of children busily hammering away on their bean bag toss project. For the next hour, I enjoyed helping my boys drive their first nails. Luckily, son #2 only smashed my finger one time. 😉 Today was even more fun as son #1 and I built a bookcase for the office that will hold our collection of art and animation books.

To celebrate my wife’s birthday, we headed spent the afternoon at Relache Spa before heading downtown for some serious laughter at Miss Marple’s dinner theatre. The spa…well, anytime you get a massage from Relache it will be good. I think the jewel of the day was dinner and entertainment as Miss Marple’s. We really didn’t know what to expect, but I wanted to try something new. When we arrived and entered the meager dining area, I wondered if I had made an extremely disappointing mistake. The host walked us to our seat at one of six folding tables where we joined 10 other guests. I became increasingly nervous as I pondered if I’d blown my wife’s birthday celebration. Over the next 2 hours, we laughed hysterically at each other, other guests and the actors/dining attendants as the script was played out. If you haven’t attended Miss Marple’s, put it on your list of things to do. Although the food was good, the entertainment was the jewel of the evening.

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