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Self Talk Radio with Sarah Spencer

This week I had the pleasure of discussing The Millionaire Choice with Sarah Spencer on her Self Talk Radio Show. Sarah was an amazing host who exudes passion for helping her audience live out full and successful lives. It's rare to meet someone who cares about helping people succeed as much as Sarah.

Thank you Sarah for being a wonderful and passionate host!

Highlights from Self Talk Radio with Sarah Spencer

  • Common money mistakes and how to avoid them

  • Getting out of debt (Debt is your enemy...)

  • 2000 hours - You have 2000 hours a year to work. How much is your time worth?

  • Character - you can't build wealth without building your character.

  • Money Mentors - Tony felt finding someone who is smarter about money than you are.

  • Saving and Investing - Set a goal to boost your income and make your money work for you, not you working for money.

A GREAT way to rewire your thinking about money in the New Year!

Quotes from the show:

“Anyone can be a millionaire. Why not you?” – Tony Bradshaw

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