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Productivity Quest

To say 2012 has been an active year for me would be a grievous understatement. A new assistant at work, a promotion to CIO, joining our company’s board of directors, participating on the Nashville Technology Council‘s board of directors, moving forward the Iota Soul project to help orphans, and all the while raising 6 children. Wow. I’m exhausted.

This year as I turn 42, time has become especially sensitive topic for me. As a result of the demands on my time have increased, I’ve been seeking new ways to eek out some productivity. One of the items that’s high on the list is Producteev. Producteev is a slick, simple and robust little task management tool. While most online software like this grants single user free accounts, producteev allows task sharing and assignment. Now my assistant and I can share tasks. Producteev is also one of the few task management tools we’ve found that supports both PC, MAC, iphone and ipad. We’re still in trial mode, but so far, we’re loving it.


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