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Personal and Professional Growth

A few years ago I started looking to expand my personal growth plan. In addition to the books, magazines, blogs, and conferences I was reading and attending, I put together a networking plan. A typical addition to the growth plans of most aspiring leaders.

For starters, I wanted to not only access other peer professionals, but I had also hoped to reach out to C-Level executives and learn from them as well. You can’t just email people out of the blue and expect stellar results. You need a calling card of sorts and so this blog was birthed.

This blog has served me well allowing me some great opportunities. In addition to writing a few book reviews and making contact with Michael Watkins (author of The First 90 Days), I’ve been able to meet with 3 local CIOs, 1 CMO as well as 3 CEOs. I’m hoping to make contact with many C-Level executives throughout the rest of 2010, but now it’s time for another growth challenge.

Recently, I met with Steve Hayes of Human Capital Group who referred me to the C12 Group (a leadership training system). The C12 Group puts you into a group of 12 CEO/President/Significant Business Leaders. You commit to meeting and helping each other by being available. Wise counsel. I’ll be looking into this a bit more in the coming weeks. Initial reviews look promising.

I will also be looking into other leadership groups as well. Suggestions welcome.

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