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Omniture Summit 2010 – Guide

2010 Omniture Summit Guide 2010 will mark my 4th trip to the Omniture Summit. The first trip was in 2006 when our Director of Internet Marketing and I traveled out to see what Omniture was all about. We were in product evaluation mode back then and wanted to talk to as many Omniture customers as possible. The trip proved to be well worth it and marked an evolution in the future of our online business.

Since deciding to move forward with the Omniture platform in 2006, we’ve continued to add one of their product lines per year to help fuel our online growth. Currently we are using Omniture’s SiteCatalyst, Search Center, Test and Target (formerly Offermatica), and Discover 2.0. Tim Munsell, our lead analyst, will be speaking at a session this year with Omniture’s Tim Lott. This year Tim was part of Omniture’s Discover Beta test and recently named to Omniture’s Discover CAB (Customer Advisory Board).

My Conference Plan When attending a conference, I like to lay out a plan with goals and objectives. Quite often people attend conferences without any real ROI on their time and money. We don’t like to operate that way. ☺ As I was putting together my plan, it occurred to me that someone might find it useful.

As we did in 2008 when we met up with our Omniture Rep (Doug Jensen) to build a case for getting Test and Target, we’ll be sitting down to look at their Site Search Tool. Currently, we use Google’s Search Appliance.

As with any conference, I hope to re-establish some old contacts and make some new ones. Rachel Scotto of Sony is someone I’m looking forward to seeing again! I’m also looking forward to seeing Gail Ennis, Omniture CMO although I’m not sure if she’s gotten a new title with the buy from Adobe.

Itinerary I’ll be flying into Salt Lake around 5:00 PM Monday to attend the Omniture MindMeld session on Tuesday. MindMeld is a special pre-event invitation only session organized by Matt Langie.

Generally, it’s a good plan to get up early and hit the free breakfast, the partner showcase and arrive early to get a good seat for the morning keynotes. Omniture keynotes are usually very good with couple of past exceptions. Every year I’ve attended they’ve been refined and improved, so I’m eager to see them again this year.

Omniture provides tons of food at the event. Breakfast, snacks, lunches, and dinner in the partner showcase. No real need to go anywhere for food unless you just want something that’s not on the menu. The food has traditionally been very good.

There’s a lot of opportunity to get together and network in the evenings. Plan to stay up late as the Omniture staff will be all over the place. A couple of my comrades made it up to a late night social suite that shut down around 3 AM. They had the opportunity to chat with Josh James, Omniture’s former CEO (Josh got a new title after being bought out by Adobe), and Tim got the experience of a lifetime when he was socially “blown off” by a lady from Kimberly Clark since he didn’t measure up to her social/company status. We enjoy laughing about that one!

The 2009 Summit closed down with Karaoke party at a local club. It was great to mix it up with Gail Ennis, Omniture’s CMO, and see Josh James take the stage.

I skipped skiing at my first Omniture Summit, but made it up to Snowbird on the last 2 trips. I’m no expert skier, so Snowbird was a bit intimidating. If you haven’t skied before, I highly recommend it since Omniture covers so much of the cost. If you are snowboarding, take lessons. ☺ This year I’m planning to ski on Friday and Saturday…twice the pain! Flying out early Sunday morning should get me home in time for dinner with the family.

Session Attendance Plan Wednesday, March 3rd, 1:30 – Killer Analytics: Best Practices for Making Analytics Strategic. We’ll be speaking at this one so it’s mandatory!

Wednesday, March 3rd, 2:45 – Getting Data In and Out of the Omniture Online Marketing Suite

Wednesday, March 3rd, 4:00 – Integrating Offline Customer Data to Enhance Online Marketing or Using Omniture APIs to Build Solutions That Meet Business Objectives

Thursday, March 4th, 11:00 – Retargeting Strategies Based on Multichannel Customer Profiles or The Data Insertion Highway: Alternate Routes for Getting Your Data In

Thursday, March 4th, 1:15 – Using Discover to Identify Personas and Create Smart Segmentation Strategies

Thursday, March 4th, 2:30 – Audience Measurement- Overview of the Integration with ComScore or Measuring the Value of Flash-Based Rich Internet Applications

Other Plans In 2009, I blogged daily about my Summit experience. This year I’m attempting to turn that up a notch or two. Check back after the Summit kicks off. I’d love to hear what you think!

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