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New Gun Laws in Tennessee

It’s been a crazy few months where firearms are concerned. Sad stories in Colorado, Connecticut and several other places. Unfortunately, some people are using this as an opportunity to push a political agenda. The logic during these times is quite frequently baffling and concerning to me.

Here we have the supposed “best and brightest” running our country which causes me even more concern. I sometimes feel that the local convenience or grocery store manager is as qualified to run the country as our president. I know. That sounds a little ridiculous and I might be a little biased since I grew up as the son of a convenience store manager…but not just any manager. My mom managed 3 stores at a time….and worked 100 hrs a week occasionally, was robbed at gun point 3 times, nabbed several thieves, interviewed, hired and trained dozens of people, managed inventory, conducted product and revenue forecasting and she knew how to turn a profit. You get the point. My faith in our federal government leadership is lacking.

Now, I’ve recently been turned on to Joe Carr, one of our state legislators, and a law that he’s initiated. HB42. is an important piece of legislature. It helps to protect the 10th amendment and our 2nd amendment rights to possess guns. I’d love to see this become law. Good luck Joe!

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