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Nashville Programming Job(s)

2011 budgeting and planning. Wow. What fun that is. 🙂 As a business guy its kind of disheartening to realize you have so much potential and so much to do, but can’t find the quality and quantity of good help you need to pull everything off. I’m sure I’m not alone headed into 2011.

I sat down with Jon Shearer, our Executive Director of Web Development, today. Needless to say, 2011 hiring goals look pretty daunting. Our web development staff currently sits at 35. We got behind a little in 2010 when we only hired 5 new people (project manager and several web programmers), and we lost 1 web programmer. Net result, we hired about 1/2 the people we needed in 2010. Now we have a backlog headed into 2011.

Know a Web Programmer?

If you know a quality web programmer, send them our way. They don’t even have to be in Nashville. About 1/2 our team has come from outside Nashville. Nashville Programming for Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey’s Web Programming Team’s Blog

A cool thing our team has done is setup a blog to talk about their programming escapades. It makes for some great reading if you’re a programming geek. Web Monkeys with Laser Beams Blog – for web programmers

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