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My Rant Box – Apple vs. Adobe…I’ll take Adobe

Okay, so what do you do when 2 companies you love to use are at odds. Let me rephrase that. What do you do when 1 company you love goes off the deep end and disses another company you love more? Honestly, I like Apple. I like Adobe. I can live without Apple. I can’t live without Adobe. Unfortunately for Apple, Adobe recently aquired another of my favorite companies, Omniture.

While Apple has taken my heart away from the PC/Microsoft, they’ve now pitted themselves against my 10 year love with Macromedia/Adobe/Omniture. I wonder how many other creatives/internet professionals Apple will piss off by flaunting their arrogance.

Driven by his arrogance, have Jobs and his cronies gone off the deep end? Oops, I think I just delayed the purchase of my iPad…oh include my new MacBook Pro purchase as well since my current one is 3 years old. Ah, just forgot I haven’t yet picked up that next Gen iPhone either. Thanks Steve. You just saved me $4,000.

A quick survey of the landscape shows you this is a big deal with a lot of buzz. PC World quoting Apple and Adobe

So what do the bloggers say? My good friend Tim Munsell ventured into the discussion a bit.

So I’ll close by saying I was out at Design Nashville and listened to long time acquaintance, Marcus Whitney, rail on Apple for their closed and controlled development platform. Sure they’ve helped developers make some money, but they control all the chips.

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