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Money Tools

If you want to get your money on track and satisfy your goal of becoming a millionaire, you need a good set of money tools to go along with your financial knowledge. Money tools include debt planning, real estate investing, spending plans and more. Learning how to apply each money tool at the right time is critical to your success.

Some of the money tools we provide are featured in The Millionaire Choice book, but we think there are some other really smart people developing money tools and helping people too. That's why we don't mind telling you about some of the other financial principles and tools you can find and use from other people and groups.

Watching Your Money (Spending and Budgeting)

Avoiding and Getting Out of Debt

Debt Payoff Calculator - Financial Mentors

Saving and Investing Aggressively

Investing Calculator - Investor Gov

Vanguard - Investment Provider

Equity Trust - Self Directed Retirement

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