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Mobile…the Wave of the Future

It’s hard to believe that Microsoft Windows and the PC only became mainstream 20 years ago. What a wild ride its been. PCs, the internet, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, Streaming, Podcasting, eBay, Amazon, Netflix and the list of innovative technologies and companies just keeps growing. The latest rage running the circuit is how mobile platforms are transforming the technology industry and the very way business is done.

If the future plays out as some people predict, the way we use the internet will be transformed over the next several years. Of course, predictions like this have been projected for years in other areas. However, while some of those predictions were a bit delayed, they are finally coming to be realized. The convergence of media like movies, television and the internet that can now be accessed through businesses like Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Netflix right on your tv via Google TV, Roku Box, and Apple TV.

A co-worker forwarded this video on mobile to me earlier today. I really enjoyed the heavy use of statistics in the video that communicated how far mobile has come since the introduction of the iPhone just a few years ago. Watch this video, and you’ll get just a glimpse of how mobile is going to impact how business is done as we step into the future.

The Mobile Movement

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