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Michael Hyatt

Michael Hyatt. I was first introduced to him back in 2003 when Dave Ramsey was in negotiations with Thomas Nelson on his Total Money Makeover book. I still remember the day we went over to Thomas Nelson to do the book contest pitch. Dave had brought in one of his friends, Ron Sorbo (link 1 , link 2), to play the steel drums while Dave and Michael discussed the concept the Total Money Makeover contest…$50,000 and a trip to Cancun if I recall correctly. Well that was 2003, and now Michael Hyatt has become a power users of blogs and social media…possibly the leader in the world of book publishing executives.

So why am I mentioned Michael Hyatt? A friend forwarded something from Michael’s blog to me this week. It was a good post, so here it is. Three Common Mistakes New Leaders Make (And How to Avoid Them)

Brief Excerpt on Tips for New Leaders

  1. What are the key outcomes that will make this year successful for you and your team?

  2. What kind of support would you like to see from me and my team to support your success?

  3. What is working well that my team should keep doing?

  4. What would you like to see my team start doing or stop doing to be more effective?

  5. What do I need to know about your expectations that people are unlikely to tell me?

Michael’s blog ranks as 17,369 among US websites. 83,000 Twitter followers. Wow!

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