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Mary Meeker on the Future of Tech

Mary Meeker

During my prep time for a meeting on mobile technology today, I was looking for good info on several mobile trends. Not surprisingly, another Mary Meeker presentation popped up on the website. It’s a very solid presentation with compelling data.

I used several really good pieces of data provided by Mary.

  1. iPod, iPad, iPhone units shipped in the first few quarters of their launch

  2. Google Android units shipped in the first few quarters of their launch

  3. Shift from pc based website usage to mobile usage in Japan. Fundamental shift in how companies are dealing with the mobile landscape. The US will follow.

A hot topic right now is how the iPad adoption rate by the market has eclipsed all other product launches in volumes shipped after launch (first several quarters). It’s astounding, and some say it is a precursor to a fundamental shift in how consumers use the web. Mobile is a big deal. (understatement) Possibly as big of a deal as the internet has been in shifting traditional business models to the web.

Take the time. View Mary’s presentation.

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