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Hyper Growth Businesses

I recently came back from the Web 2.0 Summit. Recently meaning November 2010. It was a great conference, and one where I first heard the term “HyperGrowth”.

This particular term, hypergrowth, was used to describe two very fast growing companies. Zappos ($0 to $1 billion in 10 years), and Gilt Group ($0 to $400 million in 3 years).

Now, its pretty common for people to have heard about Groupon. Their business stats are pretty amazing. Truthfully, I haven’t been a groupon user, but looking at some of their business statistics today, I felt it was worth mentioning since they’re one of the latest web hypergrowth businesses.

According to the latest speculation, Groupon is generating over $1 billion in revenue. Wow. 2 years after launch. Now that’s hypergrowth. From 0 to 300 employees in under 2 years. A friend sent me this summary graphic today.


Groupon's homepage

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