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Hiring High Level Personnel for Your Team

I’ve been running the Dave Ramsey web department for 7 years. Most of our leadership team has been home grown. We’ve been very fortunate to find tremendously talented people and be able to train them for leadership. This model has worked extremely well and has produced some incredible results.

Recently, our Director of Internet Marketing has decided to take another role in the company. Our marketing staff has grown to a degree that we do not have the luxury of growing someone inside the company into this role. As a result, we will be hiring from outside the company.

Our Hiring Process Our hiring process is very solid for development, creative and marketing staff. However, Director level hiring for leaders that will carry our company forward over the next 5 to 10 years is not something I’ve done before. I’ve given it a great deal of thought. Here’s my rough draft of the vetting process for our Director of Internet Marketing.

(basic process) Resume Questionnaire Emails Phone Interview

(unique to position) Strategic marketing plan Tactical plan for 1 or 2 product lines Org chart / team building assessment Current assessment (1 page) New assessment (1 page)

(basic process) Video chat interview (for out of state applicants) Phone interview with HR Spousal phone interview Fly in – normally 1 day in office for most roles. This position will require 2 days in office. Applicant and spouse fly in.

Day 1 Interview with Tony Interview with HR Interview with web team leaders Interview with web marketing team Interview with Bill Hampton (executive VP) Day 2 Interview with Hope division and department leaders Interview with FPU and department leaders Interview with Broadcast and department leaders Interview with Executive VPs Lunch or dinner final interview (Applicant and Spouse)

This is still a work in progress and I will be reviewing it with our HR director. Any feedback from experienced professionals on high level hiring is appreciated.

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