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Growing a Business and Becoming a Millionaire with Andy Bailey, CEO/Founder Petra Coach

Tony talks with Andy Bailey, CEO of Petra Coach, about life, money, and business. Tony met Andy during his Ramsey Solutions days where Tony served as CIO and COO. Andy and his team help businesses in their growth and maturity by guiding them through the Rockerfeller Habits and the Scaling Up business framework. Andy's clients see massive gains in growth, efficiency, and direction.

About Andy Bailey and Petra Coach

Andy Bailey can cut through organizational BS faster than a hot knife through butter, showing organizations the logjams thwarting their success and coaching them past the excuses we all use to avoid doing what needs to be done.

He doesn’t ask for what’s easy, only what’s possible, and with his assistance, the possible often expands to include the formerly impossible, as organizations learn that one step at a time gets you a long way when you step up to the challenge every day. After all, as he tells his clients, 100% annual growth is only 2% growth every week. It’s not easy. But certainly possible. Andy learned how to build great organizations by building a great business, which he started in college then, grew into an Inc. 500 multi-million dollar national company that he successfully sold and exited.

He founded Petra to pass on to other entrepreneurs, business owners, and leaders the principles and practices he used to build his successful enterprise, which are rooted in the Rockefeller Habits methodology. In addition to building a successful company, Andy founded the Wireless Reseller Council and served as the regional membership director for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization East Region, encompassing 18 chapters in the eastern U.S. Recently he was named the new Membership Director for EO’s West Coast Region, and currently serves as president of the EO Nashville Chapter, named one of the fastest-growing EO chapters in the world. He is a two-time finalist for Nashville Executive of the Year and has been honored as Nashville’s Volunteer of the Year.

Discover more about Andy Bailey and Petra Coach at Petra Coach

Disclaimer: The Millionaire Choice and Tony Bradshaw videos and content are taken from life experiences and opinions and should not be taken as financial advice. This content is meant for entertainment and educational purposes only. Tony and The Millionaire Choice ARE NOT registered or licensed as CPA, CFP, or Financial Advisor. Before making any financial decision, please see the advice of a registered financial advisor.


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