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EP104: Mastering Money Mindset and Building Wealth, Candice Bakx Friesen, Money Coach

Updated: Mar 21, 2023

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About Candice

​If you’re established in life, it only makes sense that we shift our focus and help the next person. We’ve all been helped along the way, so it’s a way to pay it forward and keep the chain going. I aim to actively participate in changing the societal “every man for himself” attitude. I believe we would all have more health, success and happiness if we shifted our thinking to “how can I help others?”

I’ve always studied personal finance and was super nerdy as a kid. I’m pretty sure I picked up my first book on wealth building in grade 7. It helped having entrepreneurial parents and grandparents! I watched my parents build their business over the years with the ups and downs. What I learned was money wasn’t everything, but it’s important. If you want to accomplish the goal you set out for yourself, your family and who you want to help and impact in the world, you need money to do it. I just decided at an early age that I don’t need to wait until I’m 18 to start learning how to master money. I would ask my mom to buy me personal finance books. I am so thankful to have the opportunity now to help people get in control of their finances!

In this episode

In this episode of The Millionaire Choice podcast, Tony Bradshaw welcomes Certified Money Coach, Real Estate Investor, and Sales Trainer, Candice Bakx Friesen to discuss mastering money mindset and building wealth. Candice shares her journey from financial struggle to financial success and how she helps others achieve the same.

Key Takeaways:

  • Candice shares her personal financial journey from struggling with debt and living paycheck to paycheck to becoming a successful real estate investor and sales trainer.

  • She emphasizes the importance of developing a healthy money mindset and provides tips on how to do so, including practicing gratitude and focusing on abundance instead of scarcity.

  • Candice discusses the role of fear and limiting beliefs in holding people back from achieving financial success and how to overcome them.

  • She shares insights into real estate investing and how it can be a powerful wealth-building tool, especially for those just starting out.

  • Candice also talks about the importance of taking action towards achieving financial goals and the value of having a strong support system.

Candice Bakx Friesen shares valuable insights and practical tips for mastering money mindset and building wealth. She encourages listeners to develop a positive money mindset, overcome limiting beliefs, and take action towards achieving their financial goals. With her personal success story and expertise in real estate investing and sales training, Candice inspires listeners to take control of their finances and work towards a life of financial abundance.

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