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Fishing in Destin, FL

Every hard working man needs to take a break to recharge his batteries. This weekend was mine. It may sound harsh, but I enjoyed getting a few days away with the guys. No kids (I loved ’em, but 5 of them…a short break is a must for my sanity). No honey do list…at least for a few days. 🙂

We left at noon Friday for a nice 7 hour drive down to enchanting Destin, FL. This was my second trip to Destin in 3 years (the first was a family trip…lots of fun). My dad, father-in-law, a college friend and work buddy made the trip. We rented an awesome house from Ocean Reef Resorts.

This being my second trip to Destin, we booked our fishing expedition with Todd Allen, Captain of “Big John”. Capt. Todd did an incredible job for us back in 2007 and he delivered the goods this year as well. If you’re considering a trip to the Gulf, I highly recommend Destin and Todd. Mobile – 850.685.2263, Office – 850.837.1947 Big John’s – Hooked on Destin . My only disappointment of the trip is I wish we had enough budgeted to to a 12-14 hour trip instead of 8. 🙂

We hooked well over 30 fish, but there’s a limit of 2 red snapper per fisherman which put us at a 10 fish limit on snapper. I landed the biggest one. My father-in-law caught the most. Most of our catch was red snapper, but we did manage a grouper, a king mackeral and a trigger fish.  It was a ton of fun! Looking forward to next year!

Destin, Florida Fishing Trip
Destin, Florida Fishing Trip
Destin, Florida Fishing Trip
Destin, Florida Fishing Trip
Destin, Florida Fishing Trip

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