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Updated: Sep 28, 2023

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In this episode of The Millionaire Choice Podcast, your host Tony Bradshaw welcomes you to a conversation that delves into a crucial aspect of financial success - credit health. As we navigate the journey to becoming millionaires, understanding the role of credit becomes paramount. Joining us today is Michael Morrow, the founder of Financially Better Credit. Together, they unravel the misconceptions around credit, discuss its vital role in achieving financial goals, and provide insights that can shape your path to financial success.

Segment 1: Journey to Financial Wellness
  • Michael shares his personal journey that led him to become passionate about improving credit and financial wellness.

  • Discusses the common misconceptions and myths surrounding credit scores and their impact on achieving financial goals.

  • Highlights the pivotal moments that inspired him to create Financially Better Credit.

Segment 2: The Foundation of Credit Health
  • Michael explains the foundational principles of credit health and how it impacts individuals' overall financial well-being.

  • Discusses the key factors that contribute to credit scores and dispels common misunderstandings about their calculation.

  • Provides actionable tips for listeners to start building and improving their credit profiles.

Segment 3: Navigating the Credit System
  • Michael delves into the intricacies of the credit system, including credit bureaus, reports, and scores.

  • Offers insights into understanding credit reports, interpreting credit inquiries, and addressing errors.

  • Discusses the significance of responsible credit management in achieving long-term financial success.

Segment 4: Building Credit for Future Millionaires
  • Michael and Tony explore strategies for individuals who aim to become millionaires and the role of credit in that journey.

  • Talks about the importance of credit when it comes to investments, entrepreneurship, and leveraging opportunities.

  • Shares success stories of clients who have transformed their credit situations and achieved financial milestones.

Segment 5: Overcoming Challenges and Roadblocks
  • Michael addresses common challenges individuals face when trying to improve their credit, such as debt management and credit card usage.

  • Provides guidance on how to overcome these challenges and develop healthy financial habits.

  • Offers advice on seeking professional assistance, like credit counseling, when needed.


Credit health is a cornerstone on the road to millionaire status, as highlighted by Michael Morrow from Financially Better Credit. Apply these insights to fortify your financial future. Tune in for more empowering episodes of The Millionaire Choice Podcast, where we uncover the choices that underpin lasting financial success.


The Millionaire Choice Show shares the experiences and opinions of real people and should not be considered financial advice. Before making your own financial choices, please seek out a registered financial advisor or certified financial planner.

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