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Email Marketing

Email marketing has a been a mainstay of online advertising for over 10 years. Granted the spammers gave it a bad name, but it’s still a great way to get some killer ROI for your time and money. In fact, even with Facebook’s big time press, email still delivers more value.

Just like any industry, vendors come in at all levels. Entry Level up to Top Tier Enterprise vendors like Exact Target and Responsys.

Short List of Quality Email Vendors

While we’ve used several email marketing vendors over the years at, I’ve been really jazzed this weekend while working on my side project to build awareness about the 175 million orphans worldwide.

My project is still in it’s infancy, so there’s no big budget to leverage. That’s why I was so jazzed to run across MailChimp. Yes MailChimp, but they’re not monkeying around. It’s a solid little tool just perfect for someone like me with a start up project. However, they’re also prime for some strong mid and high level business needs.

I’d heard the name before, but never had the need for an email marketing tool outside my work for Dave Ramsey. MailChimp is a feature rich tool, with a slick and easy to use interface. Honestly, it’s a lot easier than many of the other tools I’ve seen while researching email tools for Best of all, it’s free for lists up to 2,500 people, and it’s good for 12,500 email sends a month…FREE!

After an easy rollout of my first legit email marketing campaign for, I felt compelled to put in a good word for the Mail Monkey responsible. 🙂

Mail Chimp - Email Marketing Vendor

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