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Do you know? How these organizations plans will affect your family, finances, and future?

We’re all very busy. Life is busy. Work. Kids. Soccer and sports. Cooking. Cleaning. And whatever else you do throughout your day. While we’re all busy with out daily routines, the global system is being changed.

The reasonably predictable world and system we’ve become accustomed to in our lives is being retooled. You can feel it, but you may not understand it or see it. At least not yet, but you will soon as more and more changes to the world become apparent. Do you understand how these changes will affect you, your family, and your finances? I’m betting you don’t, and I”m betting you probably won’t agree with most of them. Let me touch on just a few.

All of these changes are widely written about and publicly available documents released by the organizations involved in bringing about the changes. I’m talking about the United Nations, World Health Organization, World Economic Forum, International Monetary Fund, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and several more world influencers.

  1. Reworking of the monetary system - Why are things crazy around the world and have been since 2020? We are seeing a systematic devolution and restructuring of the Western economic system. In the end, the goal is a more centralized financial structure than the one we have now and a cashless society. Many people in the cryptocurrency space believe we are moving towards a decentralized currency system and that crypto will usher that in. I disagree. I believe cryptocurrency, when it is in place, will bring us the most centralized currency the world has ever seen. So highly tracked that your every financial transaction and spending will be traceable. In the future we will see move away from independent banks and a move towards centralization of banking. This is the typical corporate model as larger companies buy up smaller entities and create less competition in the marketplace. This has been going on in banking for 100+ years, but in the new era, we’ll see this building even further with fewer options for banking culminating in the highest level of centralization at the Federal Reserve Bank and IMF (International Monetary Fund).

  2. Reworking of property rights - “You’ll own nothing, and you’ll be happy.” Feel free to run a search on this term and read as much as you want. This phrase began showing up from world leaders and politicians alike throughout western society.

  3. Reworking of the food system - We are currently seeing a push in the governments and United Nations to move us away from the decentralized food system that has supported humanity for thousands of years and towards a centralized and controlled food system that is based on corporately controlled and manufactured foods. For example: moving away from beef, chicken, fish and pork and towards bug proteins and manufactured meat. Sounds crazy right? A quick search will tell you all you need to know. This also means a move away from traditional family owned agricultural farms producing organics and towards GMO produced foods from corporations like Monsanto and others.

  4. Reworking of the World Political System - Have you heard the term New World Order? If not, I’m don’t know how you’ve missed it! It’s been said by virtually every big name politician and world leader for the last 40 years. Well it’s in the last stages of development. When it’s fully in place, we will have a global governing body replacing the current nation state governing model that has been in place for 1,000+ years. The global governing body will make world impacting decisions and the nation state will be responsible for implementing those decisions and policies.

So how will these changes impact your family, finances, and future? I don’t have all the answers right now, but I do suggest considering a few things.

Money. Cash vs. Hard Money.

Many people consider Consider buying hard silver and gold. Cash is being phased out and a move towards Central Bank Digital Currencies is being pushed into the public. Day to day financial transactions will become more difficult as cash is phased out.

Banking. Holding your funds vs. you holding your finds.

Over the last year, a “Bail In” law was passed which means that your funds held in a bank are not yours. They are the banks. If they bank defaults, your money is considered part of their assets. Without government now in debt over $30 trillion, the United States financial position is essential bankrupt and so is the overall banking system. In the future, it will be the people that bails out the system and not the Government.

Food. Feeding yourself vs. Being Fed.

I began gardening several years ago as a hobby. I can grow a few things and trade for other things. I began owning and managing chickens. I now have 30-40 chickens. Why does a millionaire have chickens and a hobby garden? Make no mistake, even the strongest empires have fallen throughout history. Rome, Chinese Empires, England, Spain, Japan…all of them. What do you do when that happens? You get back to the basics of life, and that means relying on yourself and what you know. In the 1950s, 50% of Americans had backyard gardens. They were self-reliant. Today, we rely on the food system. Farmers. Grocery Stores. Restaurants. You’ll see a return to home farming in the coming years. Start now.

Additional Reading and Research Material

The Great Reset - by Glenn Beck

COVID-19: The Great Reset - by Klaus Schwab

The New Great Depression - by James Rickard’s

The Creature from Jekyll Island - G. Edward Griffin

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