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Dave Ramsey’s Town Hall for Hope

I normally don’t talk about work projects on my blog, but I’m a little giddy right now. We’re under the 24 hour mark until Dave takes the stage in Oklahoma City. If you haven’t heard about the Town Hall for Hope event, check it out at

A ton of work has gone into getting out this message of Hope out to America. Now that the event is almost here, I’m getting more excited by the minute about seeing it!!! If you want to see it, you can tune into Fox Business Channel Thursday night or find a location at I encourage you to find a location and watch it with people. There’s nothing quite like being around people as the get inspired about life and their future. Fox Business will also be rerunning the event over the weekend.

To share just a little about the event prep. In just over 5 weeks time, we planned, prepped and executed a strategy to pull off the project. It was a huge company effort. Here’s a quick overview of the project.

  1. Website (including signup, video, location registration, zipcode locator, dashboard…did I leave anything out?)

  2. Social media (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter)

  3. Promotional materials for the event locations (I’ve seen banners all over Franklin, TN)

  4. Streaming systems and testing for 6,000 locations and close to 1 million viewers (It’s been insane over the last 5 days)

  5. Materials preparation for Dave

  6. Lot’s of email communication to our fans and the attendees

  7. Lots and lots of meetings and follow-up

  8. Great American Businesses support tools to help fund the event

  9. Promotions campaign on

Visit the YouTube Channel

Visit the FaceBook Group

Major props to Akamai, Multicast Media (see press release) and for all the work they have put into making this event a success! Multicast and have gone way beyond the call of duty to see this event deliver Dave’s message of Hope. Their teams are INCREDIBLE! Thank you more than you can ever know.

Tune in for the event! Don’t miss it!

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