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Closing Up Loose Ends – Omniture Summit

I need to close up that loose end from the conference. I just realized I said I would cover one of the keynotes from the 2009 Omniture Summit. I loved the keynote so I might as well share what George F. Colony (Chairman of the Board and CEO for Forrester research) covered in his excellent “8 things I’d tell your CEO over coffee.”

  1. “Your company’s website needs work.” a) Do you have personas? b) Do you do scenario design? c) Do you have good web analytics?

  2. “The web is the start of a long voyage.”

  3. “Bits want to be free…Bits want to break the law.” Modify your business model to adapt.

  4. “Technology is changing your customer…your customer will change your company.”

  5. “Move innovation out of the box and into the network.” What will our new economy look like after the recession. Traditional innovation process (a black box) vs. Innovation Networks. Customers are the biggest innovators you have. Build innovation networks outside the organization. You cannot innovate fast enough for your customers without a network.

  6. “Great marketing + great technology is the only way forward.”

  7. “You don’t own your customer…your customers own you.” Brand loyalty is gone. You are only as good as your last interaction or product.

  8. “When it comes to technology, do me a favor and and your company…stop being clueless. CEOs should have an internal blog to communicate to the company.

I hope these are helpful.

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