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Books for Success, Patrick Lencioni

As with any leader, we must strive to improve our abilities or risk becoming obsolete as our company grows. One of the great things about working for Dave Ramsey is the emphasis on growth. Again I reference Maxwell’s “Law of the Lid”.

A friend of mine, Allen Harris, is a big fan of Patrick Lencioni. Patrick’s works on business applicable fiction have proven to be a great addition to my leadership library. Here are few of his titles that have proved valuable to me. Lencioni’s writing style is entertaining, educating and thought provoking.

5 Dysfunctions of a Team – highlights how even the best teams fail to communicate openly about tough topics. Provides a method for getting your team to open up and address real issues in a dynamic way.

Death by Meeting – every company deals with meetings. Some do a better job with meetings than others, but without a doubt, every business leader could use some help in this area. Death by Meeting provides some great guidelines on running productive meetings.

Silos, Politics, and Turf Wars – we’ve all dealt with it…business leaders protecting their turf. It’s not conducive to business growth, and it definitely doesn’t help with morale. Lencioni lends his ideas on how to bring a company closer together.

Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive – fairly self explanatory. Lencioni shares some thoughts on key elements to keep a company on the same page, maintain culture and communicate effectively.

If you haven’t read any of Patrick’s work, I highly recommend put a few on your short list.

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