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Becoming Infectious

Have you ever met one of those people that just exude charisma? Don’t you find yourself wanting to be around them or just being glad to see them every time you bump into them? I found myself dwelling on this quite a bit this week. I’d really like to be one of those people with an infectious personality. Right now, I’m only batting about 40%, so I have quite a ways to go. If anyone out there has a few tips on this, send them my way.

My getting started approach.

1) Post it note on my desk. “Become Infectious” 2) Set 3 steps towards the goal. (1) Smile more, (2) Listen more, (3) Encourage others. Review them and work on them each day.

This can seem a little trivial, but I’ve really enjoyed working on this. I’ve especially worked on it when meeting strangers. It’s amazing what an enthusiastic “How is your day going?” can brighten someone’s day. I especially love going through a checkout line and leaving the person with “I hope you have a great day!”

If you are interested in reading some on this, John Maxwell’s 25 Ways to Win with People is a good start. It’s short and covers the basics. Putting the steps into action is a bit tougher.

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