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A Night Out with My Boys

Like any wannabe great daddy, I absolutely love coming up with fun stuff to do with my boys. Unfortunately, life is so busy I don’t always do a good job of following through. However, tonight I came through.

So just what do you do with a 10 year old and 7 year old boy to have fun? If you need some ideas, I can make you a very long list. Tonight however, it was rock climbing at “The Crag” in Cool Springs. This wasn’t my first trip to The Crag, but it was my first trip with 2 hyperactive boys. The entertainment value was simply…priceless.

Both of the boys have been rock climbing before, but never together. It was fun to see a little spirit of competition between brothers. As any new rock climber might do, they complained about how tight the rock climbing shoes were on their feet. It may sound girly, but it was cute seeing the little shoes on their feet. As we were checking in and signing waivers, G-man, my 7 year old, was reprimanded by the worker several times. “Don’t swing on the rope”, “Don’t throw the rocks”, “Don’t comb behind the counter”. It was almost comical. G-man was an impatient and demanding little guy. “Hurry up. I want to climb!”

We started out doing some free climb work (no ropes) and overhangs. The boys loved it, but soon we were off to the ropes for some greater heights. G-man went up for the first rope climb, but only made it 10-12 feet. Not bad, but not quite 1/2 way up. Next up, Jonathan. A little more confident than his brother, he made it a little farther, but wasn’t ready to reach the top. I tried bribing them both…call it a performance bonus.

By the end of the night, they each made it to the top. Then it was off for some celebratory frozen yogurt!

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