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EP 20: Business, Money, and Purpose with Mitzi Perdue, Hotel Heiress and Perdue Farms Family

This week on The Millionaire Choice, I had the pleasure of speaking with Mitzi Perdue, Hotel Heiress and Perdue Farms Family member. Mitzi has experienced business leadership that has grown two 20,000 person companies and the lessons she learned has had a profound impact on her life, money, and purpose. Mitzi Perdue knows that every family business has a culture. The question is, does this culture come about by design or by default? The ones that come about by default rarely support keeping the family business in the family across the generations.

So, what can a family do to develop and strengthen a culture that will support their deepest goals and values?

Mitzi Perdue draws on the experience of her family of origin, the Henderson Estate Company which dates back to 1840 and was the forerunner of the Sheraton Hotels (her father was co-founder of the chain). She also looks to her marital family (she’s the widow of Frank Perdue from Perdue Farms) that began in 1920.

Most recently, she’s authored Tough Man, Tender Chicken: Business and Life Lessons from Frank Perdue. The book made #5 on Amazon’s Business Biographies, out of a field of 20,000. She’s also the author of, I Didn’t Bargain for This, her story of growing up as a hotel heiress.

Mitzi has now turned her focus towards helping people live more fruitful and fulfilling lives as well as focusing on stopping human trafficking.

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