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You can figure out life on your own, but it sure is easier when you have someone to help guide you. You will go farther in life and get there faster with a good mentor. You'll also get to skip over quite a few of the mistakes that people make on their own. Many of the world's most successful people all had something in common, a good mentor.

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Tony co-leads two mastermind groups along with Pete Strayer, marketing executive and successful family man. The Business Leaders Mastermind focuses on Business Executives and Entrepreneurs. The Influencer Mastermind is geared towards individuals who need guidance figuring out product, marketing, & business to reach their next level.

Tony and Pete bring 20+ years of business, product, digital, and marketing experience together to help you reach that next level. Beyond the standard elements of success, Tony and Pete add a unique blend of faith, marriage, and parenting built on 23+ years of marriage each, 8 thriving children, and 40+ years of Christian walk.


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When I started cryptocurrency investing in 2017, I joined the early adopters of this new financial technology that continues to develop and will soon change the financial world in many ways...some positive and some not so positive. In either case, there is one thing I'm fairly certain of...cryptocurrency is here to stay.


You may believe you've missed it. You haven't. While the early growth of Bitcoin has passed, there is still much more to come in the cryptocurrency space. Don't miss it.

I help people get their heads around cryptocurrencies and setup in the cryptocurrency markets to start investing. Fast-track yourself in the crypto space and save yourself hundreds of hours of research and learning. Book an hour on my schedule

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Financial coaching and mentoring

The beautiful thing about life is that you get to choose where you want to go. And when it comes to your finances, your choices matter. By making the right choices, almost anything is possible even becoming a millionaire. 

Whether you need help with the basics like budgeting, saving, and spending or your looking for help on your millionaire journey, a mentor can help. My availability is limited, but I set aside hour per day M-F for anyone who wants or needs it. Learn More about the Financial Coaching and Mentoring Program


Business and leadership

I've served in business leadership roles since I was 25 years old beginning as project  and night plant manager. Later, I served as Digital Director, VP, CIO and COO on a corporate executive team.


I learned a lot of things during that time, and I made quite a few mistakes along the way. One of the critical things I came to understand was the importance of learning from others. Success comes a little bit easier and quicker when we embrace vulnerability and learn to draw on the experience of mentors. 

I solve business and leaders problems related to personnel and executive development, staffing, technology, corporate vision and strategy, culture building and communications. I'm a big believer in make yourself, your team, and your company 1% better every day. Let's Connect. Talk with Tony.

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