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digital ceo | strategy | execution

empowering businesses in the digital age

"You can't succeed in the digital age without a digital-minded CEO. Someone to lead your digital strategy."


key business problems we solve for businesses

provide experienced digital leadership and create a comprehensive digital strategy that compliments your mission, vision, and goals

equip you with high level digital execution team that will execute your digital plan and actions

develop your online brand and empower your digital transformation and monetization

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digital business checkup

The digital business checkup is designed to help business owners and leaders better understand and leverage digital within the business. 

Download the ACUTEMINDS Digital Business Checkup to get a quick overview of how well your company is leveraging digital for growth.


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what we do

we make businesses grow and excel in the digital age

Is your company fully leveraging digital for growth? What's your company's full potential?


It's been 20+ years since we entered the digital and internet age, but there are still many companies that haven't grasped how to fully leverage digital for their business. It's understandable. There are a lot of moving pieces in the digital world, and it's ever-changing. To get the most benefit and growth, you need to develop the experience internally or reach out to the right partner. But whatever you do, don't sit still.  


EVERY business goal you set should be looked at through a digital lens. Unlock the possibilities for digital to impact your business, expand your brand, and accomplish your mission.

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shape a clear strategy and purpose

We guide businesses and leaders in developing a clear strategy and purpose that helps companies and teams to focus and produce growth. Many businesses are birthed from an idea backed by passion and action. Sadly, business leaders and teams pour out tremendous amounts of energy chasing squirrels and rabbits. Distractions and small objectives.

A clear strategy connected with a purpose will direct focus, resources, and energy into the most important and maximum growth opportunities or biggest problems that need to be addressed. We have an experienced strategic planning and leadership team to assist you.

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business goals through a digital lens

When you set your annual goals, do you do it with a deep understanding of how digital strategy and marketing can impact your growth?

We help businesses identify how to leverage digital to drive business growth. After identifying KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) and 1-5 year annual strategic goals, we apply a digital lens to assess the goals and how digital business strategy and marketing fit to achieve and/or augment the company strategy. Often, we find that CEOs and Executive teams do not have the experience on staff to create a complete digital strategy and apply it to the business goals and objectives. We work to solve that fundamental business problem.

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branding | marketing | social media

Branding? Marketing? Which one do you need? We do both. Your brand is your identity. What is your current branding telling the world who you are? Marketing is what you are doing to connect and convert potential clients into business and revenue. Your branding and your marketing should be in sync in quality, strategy, and execution if you want to get the best results.

We work to develop and synchronize your branding and marketing in the digital world. We assess your current efforts and put together a diverse marketing strategy based on your needs and budget. Not every business needs facebook. Not every business needs instagram, google, tiktok, or pinterest, but every business needs digital marketing.

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website design and growth

We build awesome websites. Your website is your face on the internet and to your potential customers. A bad website is kinda like having bad breath. No one wants to talk to you.

Your website should be well-designed with key business goals and objectives in mind. A pretty website doesn't mean it's an effective website. An effective website requires business objectives and goals, aesthetics, and engaging content driven by strategy and purpose. And it requires a good team to build and manage the progress. We do it all.

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video | podcast media and development

In today's digital age, a video channel or podcast may or may not fit into your business strategy. We can help you map out a video or podcast strategy for your business or influencer brand, and if it fits, work with you on producing your show or connecting you to one of our trusted partners.

Don't chase a bad strategy and waste time and money figuring it all out on your own. Digital and technology should accelerate your business. Not delay it. 

Why us?

Our Story. our passion.

ACUTEMINDS is a collaborative digital agency bringing together a wide range of business experience from a proven group of professionals. We are a group of leaders, businessmen, and digital professionals that have reached high levels of success in our craft. We strive to use our gifts and talents for individuals, companies, and organizations that are working to impact people's lives and make a difference in the world.

I started my journey into the digital business world in 1997 by building my first website. Shortly after, I began writing web apps, constructing databases, setting up eCommerce stores, coding online ticketing systems, building one of the earliest subscription based websites in 2001, and writing some of the earliest lead generation systems in 2002. ACUTEMINDS is a collection of savvy digital talent that I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with throughout my professional career. Talented people are hard to come by, and truly talented teams are even harder to build. I had the good fortune to create vision and assemble a digital team that empowered growth of online revenue from $100,000 to $100 million annually. Now I'm doing the same thing for other businesses alongside some of my favorite people.

Meet The minds

strategy. execution. results.

Business, fulfillment, and profits come together when a well planned strategy meets with strong execution to produce maximum results. For many entrepreneurs and business owners, this magic formula never materializes the way it should. Why? The answer is simple. One or more of the elements of business success is missing.


A business is a system. It's a money making system. For the system to work and work well, all of the components must be in place and functioning together. Similarly to how watch would not keep time without all of its gears, a business will falter if even one of its components is not optimized. In extreme cases, it can even cause a business to completely fail, and the owner may not even understand what the business is lacking. That's why experience matters. 

ACUTEMINDS brings together business strategy with world class execution. Our team has worked with and for some of the top brands in the United States delivering innovative leadership, strategies, solutions, and most of all, growth.

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The digital business checkup is designed to help business owners and leaders better understand and leverage digital within the business. 

Download the ACUTEMINDS Digital Business Checkup to get a quick overview of how well your company is leveraging digital for growth.


Book a Complimentary Strategy Call 

digital business checkup
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5 core Components
to win with digital

Clear Mission & Vision. Who are you and who do you want to be in the future?
Great Strategy. The plan to achieve your desired future.

Right Tactics. The daily, weekly, and monthly actions required to achieve your goals.

Attention to Numbers. The performance scorecard that tells you and your team you're on track.

A Proven Team of Experts. The people, leaders, and culture it takes to win in the digital age.


digital success formula

We're been living in the digital age for 20+ years, but many companies, leaders, and entrepreneurs, still haven't figured it out. We get it. As a CEO or business leader, the digital world can be overwhelming. Technology, social media, commerce, lead generation, online marketing, digital media, content, and ... Get the point?

Navigating the digital world can be difficult, but it doesn't have to be. Leveraging digital for your business requires three things.


Digital Expertise + Focused Effort + Investment


Digital Expertise

A successful digital project and business effort generally requires five types of talent.

  1. True Business Acumen

  2. Creative Talent

  3. Technology Expertise

  4. Solid Marketing

  5. Good Communication and Project Leadership


Focused Effort

Digital can't be left as an afterthought. You must be intentional, and someone on your team must be focused on delivering the results. Without focused effort, you'll never get results. Digital must be a priority for leadership in your organization if you want to be competitive in the digital age.


Digital success requires investment. Under invest and you'll never hit pay dirt. Over invest without results and you'll get burned. It's important to fund your digital efforts with enough money to reach the next milestone. What's the next milestone? It's the point where you see enough results to justify taking the next step. The next step is baked into your strategy. If you don't have a clearly mapped out vision, strategy or actions sequence, then you'll end up with a sour taste in your mouth for digital. 

If any of these components is missing, the project or initiative will struggle and more than likely fail. Many company's digital business efforts fail to reach the goals and expectations of the business owner because they don't understand that every successful digital project requires all of these skills to be successful, and the majority of the digital houses executing projects are lacking in one or more of these areas. 

I've talked with many disappointed business leaders whose expectations weren't met because of projects that failed to yield the results they envisioned for the money they spent. Don't let that be your project.

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