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EP 100: taking the real estate path to millionaire status, alec kneefel, Future Millionaire

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On this episode of The Millionaire Choice Show, Tony talks with future millionaire Alec Kneefel. Alec is a Senior Financial Analyst at HCA Healthcare. Alec is taking the real estate path to building wealth following some of Robert Kiyosaki’s teaching on wealth building. Alec grew up in a financially mismanaged family and in the middle of his family’s millionaire journey.

About Alec Kneefel and Baybrook Holdings

I hail from a small town in Central California that nurtured - my drive, sense of adventure, and ambitions. Initially, I left to experience life in Silicon Valley. Later, I decided to join the Army and travel across the world. Currently, I am establishing roots in Nashville. 

I seek self-improvement; physically, intellectually, and spiritually. I seek out challenges to test my limits, and then set out to conquer them. I appreciate looking at problems from different perspectives - I earned a B.S. in Civil Engineering; J.D.; and M.B.A. I still retain a desire and commitment to life-long learning. Currently, I enjoy reading about and growing my understanding of Cloud, AI, and other emerging technologies. 

My aspirations in life focus on making significant contributions to my organization, community, and my family. Moreover, I believe that one’s character remains their greatest asset. I value wisdom, justice, courage, and integrity. 

Finally, I enjoy talking about Technology, Finance, Investing, Golf, CrossFit, and Real Estate.

Baybrook Holdings

Baybrook Holdings, LLC. Invests in multi-family real estate with the goal of generating monthly cashflow. Our focus is on building wealth using the real estate market and taking advantage monthly cash flow, property appreciation, and leveraging other people’s money, i.e. debt.

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