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EP 70: Infinite Banking Your Way to Wealth, Anthony Faso and Cameron Christiansen, Infinite Wealth

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This week on The Millionaire Choice Show, Tony talks with Anthony Faso and Cameron Christenson about building wealth using the Infinite Banking Concept. The bankers have gotten rich off of your money. Don’t you think it’s time you get rich off of your money?

About Anthony

Infinite Wealth began with the passion of Anthony Faso, who believes that wealth building and risk need not go hand in hand. A proud U.S. Army veteran and self-described “recovering” CPA, Anthony has a strong commitment to the wellbeing of his clients – clients underserved by the typical Wall Street-based approach to financial planning. Anthony’s story is compelling, as is his vision of alternative wealth management.

Anthony’s journey began nearly two decades ago, when, after receiving an exceptional education at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. After receiving his Certified Public Accountant designation while working at PricewaterhouseCoopers, the world’s largest accounting firm, Anthony was the CFO of a chain of restaurants.

I realized my path to financial independence would not be the one my college education had directed me toward. It would not be the path mainstream financial planners taught. I decided to take control of my financial future.

As I was discovering what my path to financial independence would look like, I was also teaching and coaching individuals and business owners about money and investing.

Every day, I saw intelligent, successful people struggle with finding a way to the same independence I’d been searching for. I realized that the solution would never be found in the latest Wall Street-created financial product.

People need a plan, a personalized plan, outlining the steps it would take to reach their goal to be free.

This is also when my path crossed with Ryan’s and we began building a system. We aggregated advice from the best sources, compared it with the experience of our mentors, and then put it into practice for ourselves.

We realized we could fill the void of personalized financial advice these professionals and business owners were seeking.

That’s when Infinite Wealth was born.

Financial independence is not a large bank account, brokerage account, or retirement account with 7 figures in it. In fact, it has nothing to do with your net worth.

Financial independence is all about cash flow. It’s about having complete freedom of time allowing you to wake up every day and pursue your dream, to work on what drives and motivates you, all without money being the prime motivation. It allows you to spend time with the people you want, where you want, when you want.

Freedom comes when your passive cash flow is greater than your living expenses. You are free to spend your time with the people you want, where you want, when you want.

Financial independence is available for anyone who is willing to think differently and apply themselves.

To them, I say: I know how you feel. Say no to the crowd and give up on being a sheep or a hamster on a wheel. I’m excited to help you find the path to wealth and financial independence!

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