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EP 30: Investing Like a Hedgefund Manager for Higher Investment Growth, Kelly Hollingsworth

Kelly Hollingsworth helps people boost their income. Utilizing her Gateway to 7 philosophy, she focuses on helping people develop a 7 figure income. Kelly is the host of the How to Make More Money Podcast.

As a former hedge fund manager, Kelly broke a lot of the traditional financial advisor rules to reach 1-3% per month growth in her investments and annually breaking into the 12-36% range. While other investment models like mutual funds were experiencing annual negative growth, Kelly’s investments were posting positive growth.

Kelly Hollingsworth knew at an early age that she wanted to become a millionaire. Growing up in a meager, but financially well managed family, Kelly started her first business as a teenager. Later as she pursued her dream, she became one of the only women in the world to manage their own hedge fund. Kelly’s passion has now shifted to sharing her knowledge and helping other women achieve 7 figure incomes.

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