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EP 29: Gold and Silver, The Real Money with Kyle Dunbar, Nashville Gold and Silver

Kyle Dunbar made his first gold and silver purchase at age 12. 30 years later, Kyle still buys gold as part of his financial plan and portfolio, but now he helps other people add silver and gold to their own investment portfolio.

There was a day when many everyday Americans owned gold and silver. It was common place for Americans to have a little gold in the family, and rightly so since silver and gold have been a form of money for over 3,000 years. Gold and silver are still a primary form of global currency. Do you have silver and gold as part of your financial portfolio?

During the 1930s, many Americans owned gold and silver. It was commonplace until President Franklin Delano Roosevelt passed a law during the great depression making it illegal for citizens to own gold. Americans sold their gold to the American government to help stabilize the country.

America’s currency ran on the backing of gold until the 1970s at which time the United States dollar came off the gold standard essentially separating itself from gold and silver which had been the backbone of commerce and money for over 3,000 years across cultures, empires, and governments.

On this episode of The Millionaire Choice, Tony and Kyle discuss the economics of gold (real money), fiat currencies (fake money), and how silver and gold fit into a person’s financial plans.

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