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EP 27: Millionaire Talk and Tactics with Jace Mattinson, Millionaires Unveiled Podcast

This week on The Millionaire Choice show, Tony discusses being a millionaire and millionaire tactics with Jace Mattinson, co-host of Millionaires Unveiled Podcast. With over 150 episodes of the Millionaires Unveiled podcast, Jace and co-host Clark Sheffield have uncovered many of the principles and tactics people all across America have used to become millionaires. On The Millionaire Choice show, Tony and Jace discuss their own millionaire stories as well as financial wisdom Jace has picked up from the guests on Millionaires Unveiled.

Millionaires Unveiled was created to pull back the investing curtain like never before. We tell the stories of everyday millionaires, and provide detailed insight into their portfolio allocation and investing strategies.

 While most millionaire mediums deal with theory (both informative and necessary), we take a deeper dive into the details of how they got started, their decisions along the way, and what they're doing now not only to keep but also grow, their sought after "millionaire" status. We also ask about favorite books, pivotal moments, influencers, and breakthroughs. How is their portfolio allocated? How has their strategy changed over the years? What mistakes did they make, and what advice do they now give? 

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