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EP 22: Improving Your Credit and Increasing Your Fundability with Merrill Chandler

Merrill Chandler is one of the foremost experts on building your credit and getting fundable. Merrill knows that the banks and creditors have a system and their system helps them maximize the amount of money they make from their borrowers. Merrill believes that the borrowers need to be equipped to win the credit game.

Since 1997, Merrill Chandler has led the transformation of the personal and business borrowing space. With its basecamp in Utah, helps entrepreneurs, real estate investors, and business owners, supercharge their personal and business borrower profiles to reach their funding goals. is a lender/borrower industry disrupter and a cutting-edge innovator that is radically transforming the personal and business borrowing success of entrepreneurs, real estate investors, business owners, and savvy consumers nationwide.

Merrill and his team focus on helping people build powerful, fundable personal and business profiles while maximizing the positive effects of the RIGHT borrower behaviors.

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