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EP 21: Building Wealth for a Positive Impact with Amanda Neely, Grandma's Wealth Wisdom

Amanda has been in your shoes! After Amanda and her husband Brandon opened the business of their dreams—a coffee shop in Chicago’s South Loop—they thought they had it made. From the outside, everything looked great. Not only was their business growing, but they were also making a difference by selling ethically-sourced coffee and providing a neighborhood gathering place.

But the truth was, they were standing on a financial cliff with an all-too-clear view of the abyss. Their savings were gone, and they had made financial mistakes. They were scraping by.

It wasn’t until they saw a documentary on the truth about how banks REALLY work that they realized what they needed to do. They scheduled an appointment and went from financial insecurity to building a stabilized net worth.

The true test came when their coffee shop flooded. The cost of repairs could have bankrupted the old them, but with a new financial strategy, they were ready!

Amanda and Brandon teach people the time tested financial wisdom of Grandma’s Wealth Strategies. These principles changed their lives and they want to share the same transformation with you.

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