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EP 74: Wealth, Health, and Success in Life and Family, Dr. Jay LaGuardia, Life and Health Coach

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This week on The Millionaire Choice Podcast, Tony talks with Dr. Jay Laguardia Life and Health Coach. Tony and Jay discuss the choices and strategies that lead us to building wealth, finding success in life and family.

Jay Laguardia DC, CCWP, has been a lifelong learner in the fields of physical fitness, nutrition, wellness, neurology, neuroscience, brain function, and the habits of success.

About Dr. Jay LaGuardia

After graduating from Ocean County College in New Jersey, Jay attended Life University in Marietta Georgia, where he eventually received his doctorate of chiropractic. At that same time, Dr. Jay LaGuardia married his college sweetheart Dr. Pam, who eventually moved them to Eau Claire, Wisconsin where they now reside.

They have been married for over 27 years. Together they have 3 children, Alyse, Anthony, and Taylor all of whom are successful in their chosen paths. Together he and his wife enjoy traveling, exercise, their dogs and any new adventures in life they can find.

Over the years Dr. LaGuardia has been on the board of directors for many different organizations and businesses. These experiences eventually led to him becoming the President of the Chiropractic Society of Wisconsin.

His post graduate work included a special certification awarded by the International Chiropractic Association on wellness and lifestyle. His clinical experience found Dr. Jay working in and eventually becoming an owner of one of the largest and most influential chiropractic clinics in the world. In a career spanning over 25 years, he was able to mentor many individuals on both business and personal development Dr. Jay is a highly sought after speaker, having lectured throughout the United States, and internationally as well to groups numbering in the thousands. His topics are wide ranging, but often focus on maximizing human potential. His simple yet powerful teaching approach has been known to inspire his audiences.

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