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EP 72: Becoming Your Own Banker, Future Millionaire Ty Morgan, Infinite Planning Inc.

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About Ty Morgan

As founder of Infinite Planning, Ty educates and inspires individuals to take control of their financial lives through proper education and coaching methods. Ty also owns a specialized private consulting firm in agriculture. In only one year’s time, Ty currently manages $30MM in revenue and real estate combined.

In utero, Ty’s son was diagnosed with a fatal condition called Bilateral Renal Agenesis. Ty and his wife, Alexis, refused to accept their options of abortion or carry to term with stillbirth. After undergoing 25 serial amnioinfusions, Braysen was born on 01/21/2021 and defied the odds. The financial freedom Ty has created, and aims to help others create, has allowed him to be fully present for his family during these difficult times.

Ty would like to share his family’s journey to inspire others to never give up, discuss the importance of financial freedom, and spread the word about his new nonprofit, Silent Guardian-Angels, Inc. The purpose of Silent Guardian-Angels, Inc. is to financially and emotionally support families that are not given options. The organization also aims to fund the development of a new type of catheter that will help minimize the risks in peritoneal dialysis for infants.

At Infinite Planning, Inc., our mission is to educate and inspire individuals to take control of their financial lives through proper education and coaching methods that guarantee success in personal finance.

Infinite Planning, Inc. is a spin on an antiquated industry. This organization does not affiliate with your typical financial advisors, looking to place you in financial instruments and control your money. Collectively, we appreciate the Austrian School of Economics and believe in a truly free-market. We take a macroeconomic view and chunk it down to show how it affects individual consumers.

Economic environments create the need for a banking function and we focus on teaching you about the most profitable business in the world, the banking business!

As a syndication of strategic wealth coaches our unique specialties will best serve your household. Through our educational and consultative approach, that provides certainty, you will take control of your money and the banking function in your life.

Our Financial Coaching model is simple, fair, and scalable enough to meet the needs of our clients. We will follow our proprietary Infinite Planning Process™ to guide you to freedom.

Learn more about Ty Morgan and Infinite Planning, or Ty's Purpose of Wealth at

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