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EP 41: 90 Days to Transform Your Finances, Andres Gutierrez “el Machete”

Andres Gutierrez is known to his radio listeners as el Machete for how he teaches them to take care of their debt and get their money on track. He’s been helping people transform their finances for over 20 years. Tony and Andres spent several years from 2009 through 2014 working together at the Dave Ramsey organization where Andres focused on transforming the finances of Hispanic Americans.

Andres’ book 90 Days to Transform Your Finances is about complete financial turnaround of your mind and money. Practical financial principles that will help anyone to deal with their debt and make huge improvements with their finances.

To connect with Andres Gutierrez and learn more about Transforming Your Finances in 90 Days, visit

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